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LotusUp is the first web / app service that helps employees and associates file complaints of violations of workplace regulation and ethics, such as: labor discrimination, labor isolation, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, mobbing, personal defamation and labor injustices…

We know that job stability is one of the backbones of the financial, social and operational well-being of a company. Therefore, we promote the existence of an atmosphere of productive complaints, giving voice to the collaborators and associates, the engines of any company.

We are a complaint channel that sends, receives and administers & monitors any complaint, anonymous or not, in companies, organizations and any human group where healthy interaction is essential.

What do we do?

LotusUp is an app that employees or members of an organization download to their smartphone or use as a web service, through the url / qr code, to send structured complaints (for the first time and follow-ups) directly to a responsible person or team within the company.

Complaints can be made anonymously and / or can allow the person to come forward at any time through a single “case number.”

LotusUp allows the company to organize complaints and have an open communication channel even with anonymous complainants through push notifications within the app.


• Real-time communication (and alerts) between the complainant and the responsible area; Even if he / she wants to remain anonymous.

• Plug and play for the complainant and the responsible area (pre-programmed questions, reports …)

• Available through an app and / or web service.

• Ability to filter reports by area, department, even if the complainant chooses to remain anonymous.